Starbucks baristas at its New York City Reserve Roastery have voted to form a union, making it the ninth company-owned store to unionize.

The Reserve Roastery’s manufacturing workforce was expected to vote on unionizing on Thursday, but the union withdrew the petition for an election.

This might be a blow for Howard Schultz, who takes over as CEO in the short term, given that the luxurious Reserve Roasteries was his idea.


Early union wins in Buffalo have inspired other Starbucks stores around the country to organize.

Friday’s win for Starbucks Workers United marks more than just another location in the rising list of unionized cafes. 

More than 150 company-owned cafes, including those in New York City, have registered for the elections. 

So far, just one location under Workers United has held an election and voted against labor unions.

The Reserve Roasteries in Seattle, Shanghai, and Milan were built to provide upmarket coffee experiences, appealing to both tourists and city folks.

Starbucks opened an approximately 23,000-square-foot cafe in Manhattan’s meatpacking neighborhood in December 2018.

The Seattle-based coffee giant presently has around 9,000 locations in the United States.

It posted profits of $8 million in 2021 but recently announced it was hiking its prices.

Source: CNBC

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