A very special Bentley driven by Jeremy Clarkson has been spotted driving in the Cotswolds. The world famous presenter who is one of the area’s best known residents has been seen diving the customised GT which was used for an episode recorded in Madagascar for the popular Amazon Prime show.

Alongside various vehicles that Richard Hammond and James May were driving a recent photo of the altered Bentley has appeared online close to Clarkson’s Diddly Squat ranch in the Cotswolds. The trio who have arguably the greatest jobs in the world are well known for their customised vehicles which they use in their shows both in Top Gear and now the Grand Tour.

The army green Bentley has modified to take on anything Madagascar could throw at it. The list of modifications included an all-wheel drive transmission, under armour and outer shell protection. On top of that a Land Rover Defender style snorkel has been added to sit over the rooftop in order to help it manage profound water challenges.
As from the picture shown off road wheels and tyres make up the extensive adaptions made by the Grand Tour engineering team. Jeremey himself appears to be very proud of the car and has uploaded pictures of the vehicle to his personal Instagram account.

If you are interested in seeing the car in action The Madagascar Special episode will be shown on Amazon Prime before the end of the year. Jeremey and the gang appear to be shooting their next major episode in Scotland, more of which you can find out here.