This is Tamara Turner’s truly inspirational story on how she’s not only changed her life, but also the lives of thousands of others.

Tamara was struggling to make ends meet with two different jobs, children she had to care for, and go to school full time.

She said: “The hustle back then was real”.


But then, Tamara founded Silver Spoon Desserts at her home in Aurora, Illinois.

She reached out to American Airlines years ago to see if the company would be interested in her products, the airline giant finally got back in touch.

She was given the opportunity to present a range of her cakes to the board of the airline, and was told by the CEO “welcome aboard.”

Now, she has her own production facility in Archer Heights that is making the vanilla and chocolate cakes passengers are eating in first class.

Tamara said: “I was thinking and wondering what I was going to do with my life in 2017, and I was told do the cakes first.

“I’m going to call it God or inspiration or whatever it is, but I started and I haven’t stopped”.

Her business quickly escalated from making 500 cakes to 100,000.

She said: “We can’t shrink to the goal we have to increase the effort”.

Her main goal is to create employment for single mothers who are looking for a way out just as she was.

Tamara wanted ‘transformation, equality and freedom’ for everyone working for The Silver Spoon.

By hiring people she especially wanted to give back to single mothers, therefore, giving them the best possible support they will need.

One of the staff working for her said “she knew the things I needed that I didn’t even know I needed”.

Now, her Bundt cakes are available in domestic premium cabins on flights between 900 and 1,499 miles.

Tamara’s company now focuses on helping single mothers.

She explained: ” I want to give back to other single mothers, to help them create economic sustainability.

“We will hire single mothers at a living wage.”

The company also has mentors and partners within the community to help single mothers look after their families, with Tamara saying “because I know what’s it’s like.”

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