Siemens Gamesa is laying off 190 workers at two manufacturing plants in response to recent challenges in the US wind energy sector.

The turbine manufacturer announced a 121-employee reduction at Fort Madison in Iowa and a 69-employee reduction in Hutchinson, Kansas.

It also stated that 254 people are still employed in the Fort Madison blade factory and 117 at Hutchinson, which has produced approximately 5500 nacelles since it debuted in 2010.


Severance pay, benefits continuation, career counselling, resume preparation, and job placement assistance will be provided to all employees who lose their positions, according to the business.

The firm also stated that it is still committed to the renewable energy sector in the United States, as well as its 1,700-strong workforce in the country.

The company says the decision is due to a reduction in orders for commercial wind turbines.

Shannon Sturgil, CEO of Siemens Gamesa Onshore North America said “Two key considerations contributed to this decision. While the ITC (International Trade Commission) finally ruled in our favor in a recent patent challenge case brought by a rival, we were temporarily barred from seeking new orders during the determination period.

He added “In addition, in anticipation of the passage of the Build Back Better Act, the renewables market in the United States has momentarily halted. This has an impact on our ability to quickly return to regular levels of production at those plants. These initiatives are intended to allow Siemens Gamesa to bridge the gap at its manufacturing facilities and prepare for when the market returns to its predicted growth levels.”

Source: PowerMag

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