U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand announced that Sherman City would be receiving the federal grant to upgrade public water and waste management systems.

These funds are allocated through water and waste treatment loans and grants from the United States Department of Agriculture. They will be used to reduce health and sanitation defects, improve stormwater management, and provide public water services to residents who do not have access to safe and reliable drinking water.

Every New Yorker deserves reliable access to clean drinking water”, Schumer said. “This federal funding will allow towns and villages across Upstate New York to make critical improvements to their water systems, to ensure that all residents have access to the safe and clean water they deserve. I am proud to announce this federal investment and will continue fighting to ensure rural communities across Upstate New York have the resources they need to build, protect and maintain their infrastructure.”

Gillibrand said every New Yorker should have access to clean and reliable drinking water. “This funding will provide critical upgrades to waste management systems across Upstate New York and improve the health, welfare and safety of residents living in these rural communities,” she said.

Of the US$24,933,000 awarded to five municipalities, including Sherman, Franklinville Village in Catlags County will receive US$6 million; Pembroke City in Genesee County will receive US$9,050,000; Oswego, The city of Walney in the county, will receive $3,714,000; the city of Hastings in Oswego County will receive $2,729,000.

Source: Evening Observer