A popular open-air pool near Sandford lido is waiting to close within the next week due to the declining number of swimmers during the weekend. 

The pool authorities of the Cheltenham pool have reported that they are currently short-funded to this extent that it won’t be possible to continue the business unless they gather enough customers. It has been officially disclosed through a public notice that they are going to run out of business within the next seven days. 

The grade II pools are facing troubles in fetching customers, and the only option remaining is to urge visitors to come and swim.

The Standford park pool has additionally updated a piece of news on their website mentioning that, “Our trustee members have finally agreed upon to continue for another week, which is the highest number of days we can afford. We are requesting more people every day to come and pay for a swim.”

“We have lost our members drastically during the lockdown and we need your support to continue with our services in this session.” 

Back in July 2020, the pool trustee members announced a phase reopening for lane swimming only. 

The pool authorities are desperately calling for help by asking people to come and pay for a swim. The water is still warm enough for a good swim during the weekends, and there are many slots available depending on the visitor’s timings and activities they choose. 

On being asked about the services currently rendered by the authorities, one of the pool trustee members said, ” If you are training for an event or want a casual swim with your family, we have slots available for all.”

Under the regulations of the UK government, no swimming pool is allowed to admit visitors under the age of 8 to swim and have paced respective lanes in every place.