Samsung announced in August that they would begin removing in-app pads from their first-party pre-installed apps. They did not specify when they would begin doing so, though. The Samsung jobs Weather app was the first to go ad-free, and now two other apps are following suit. 

Both Samsung Pay and Samsung Health are now ad-free, making it easier to use the applications with fewer interruptions. Hopefully, the other One UI apps developer jobs will soon be ad-free as well. 

According to Tizen Help, two of Samsung’s most popular proprietary apps are finally becoming less busy. Samsung Pay and Samsung Health will no longer display advertisements, as Samsung stated earlier this year. Samsung Weather was the first app to go ad-free, and maybe additional apps like Samsung Theme will follow suit shortly. 

Ads on high-end gadgets like Samsung Galaxy smartphones are vexing, to say the least, so it’s good to see that they’re finally paying attention to their customers. 

On the Samsung community forums, announcements about the now-ad-free apps were published. Starting October 1, users will be unable to see the banner at the top of the app, which is advertisements, according to an Operations Manager. “Samsung Pay no longer has the banner ad,”, according to a different post from a community member who shared a screenshot. There’s no word on when the other first-party apps will get it. 

We don’t know whether they’ll also remove the adverts that they send via push notifications on their devices to promote their other devices. This is yet additional annoyance for consumers, especially if you have no plans to get a new smartphone because the one you have now was only purchased lately. 

 These ads should be opt-in or just totally removed since Samsung does an excellent job pushing their new devices through other means anyway. 

It’s worth mentioning that these posts came from a South Korean forum, and ad elimination is only available for apps in that country. However, it should be available to users in other territories via a One UI firmware upgrade soon, though no timetable has been specified. 

Source: Android Community