(From the letters section of the Chipping Campden Bulletin. Reproduced with kind permission of Jeremy Green) 

Dear Jeremy,

In 2008 Beijing hosts the Olympic Games, with London to follow in 2012. But for Campden every year is “Olimpick”, and in 2012 the Cotswolds Olimpick Games will celebrate their 400th anniversary.

The community is rightly proud of the tradition begun all those years ago by Robert Dover and which has become a unique sporting festival – a local event organised every year by and for local people. It will be fitting to mark the 400th anniversary in 2012, perhaps with a week of celebrations taking in other aspects of our local culture as well as the games themselves – which will be on Friday 1st June in 2012.

Because of the co-occurrence in 2012 of the London Olympics there is already increased media and public interest in Campden’s Olimpicks. We want the summer of 2012 to be an enjoyable and positive experience for all of Campden and our visitors. This means that ideas need to be coordinated thoroughly, and that there must be good planning over the coming months and years. 2012 will present good opportunities for a wide range of Campden interests, including civic, business, educational, social, artistic and recreational.

To this end the Robert Dover’s Games committee has suggested that there should be a steering group to act as an umbrella for these interests. The group will also be responsible for carrying out the planning and organisation between now and 2012. Consultation and coordination will be important so that expectations can be properly managed. We are looking for volunteers to help us set up such a steering group, and who will be able to help in areas such as fundraising, event planning, PR, accounting and legal aspects. We do not expect any of this activity to take up much time until nearer to 2012, but for continuity we hope to identify folk early in 2008 who have an interest in making 2012 special for the whole community. We attach the guidelines for the steering group as we see them.

If any of your readers are interested in helping or know someone else who might be, we should be grateful if they would get in touch – with either of us. We are both committee members of the Robert Dover’s Games Society.

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