Thermo Fisher Scientific, based in Auld Bond Road in Perth, has been producing millions of medical test tubes every week used to take Covid 19 samples. In October 2020 the company announced a recruitment drive for 200 staff as it ramped up production. In January it was looking to recruit 400 new staff.

However a spokesperson for the company now said it was “realigning” its output to meet UK requirements. Meaning up to 244 jobs could be lost as the rapid vaccine rollout in the UK has led to a reduction in demand for Covid test kits.

The spokesperson said: “Thermo Fisher Scientific routinely evaluates and adjusts our business capacity to best meet customer needs and societal demands.”

“At our Perth site, we manufacture products that are critical to Covid-19 testing, specifically products that enable the transport of patient samples to laboratories.

“As we enter the next phase of our pandemic response, we are realigning our manufacturing output to meet customer requirements here in the UK.

At its height eight to ten million test tubes were manufactured a week. With the tubes ensuring samples that were collected from a Covid-19 nose swab maintained its viability while being sent to a laboratory for processing.

Consultations have begun with employee representatives at Perth. With a spokesperson adding: “The company is doing everything possible to support our colleagues who may be affected by this proposal and is committed to treating them with the utmost dignity, respect and transparency.”

In January Thermo Fisher Scientific had its own Covid outbreak at the Perth premises as more than 20 staff tested positive leading to part of the facility closing down while a deep clean was carried out.

Source: TheCourier