A total of 1,886 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Spokane County, which has set a new high.

This is because of case-count backlogs and the numerous people who tested positive using at-home test kits but didn’t report their infection, that figure is likely low.

The omicron variant, which is expected to peak at some point in early February, is to blame for the spike in cases – 13,069 patients with confirmed illnesses have been reported with the Spokane Regional Health District in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, the toll continues to have an impact on local schools in the area in Washington.

Spokane Public Schools will be closed on Monday, January 24.

The Central Valley has seen over 1,000 cases in the last ten days – up to Thursday, January 20, and two large middle schools in CV and Coeur d’Alene will temporarily switch to remote learning.

A letter to parents from Spokane Public Schools said: “Based on an examination of the current conditions and ongoing staffing constraints, we will be moving through with altering the school schedule to utilize Jan. 24 as a ‘no school day.”

Side view of children learning in school with teacher during the pandemic Free Photo

The move is part of a district-wide attempt to minimize “unexpected, unplanned school closures.”

The schools closing on Monday will be made up on March 4, which is Professional Learning Improvement Day.

The district has announced that there will be no morning or afternoon child care, including Express and preschool programs, on Monday.

To the greatest extent possible, athletics and extracurricular activities scheduled for that day are being rescheduled.

Due to COVID-related staffing constraints, two middle schools switched to remote learning for the time being on Thursday.

Centennial Middle School in the Central Valley became remote on Thursday and will remain so until Monday.

The school reported 400 students absent on Wednesday because of quarantine or illness.

For students who choose to engage in the “Test to Stay” program, in-person learning will resume on Tuesday. Before returning to school, students must be symptom-free and have tested negative for COVID-19.

Central Valley reported 1,244 positive cases in the last ten days, including nearly 400 at its three comprehensive high schools, late Wednesday night.

Due to the absence of 19 staff members and a district-wide replacement shortage, courses at Woodland Middle School in Coeur d’Alene will be held online on Friday and Monday — and possibly longer.

Since January 10, Cheney has recorded 283 positive cases, including 129 at Cheney High School. In the last two weeks, Medical Lake has seen 117 cases.

Source: Spokesman

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