“l will do many things for money, and I would absolutely do a reboot for that. I have bills to pay, and it can only be fun.” Actress Jemima Kirke on filming more episodes of Girls, the hit show on which she made her name in 2012, quoted in The Sunday Times.

“There’s that immigrant thing; surely the Nazis are going to take it away at any point.” Comedian, author, and playwright David Baddiel says he works so hard because he’s nervous about money, quoted in The Times.

“Don’t waste your money. They’re failed actors that set themselves up as gurus.” Anthony Hopkins advises young actors not to bother with acting schools, quoted in GQ.

“Well, that really pisses me off. We worked so hard and had high profiles, but we didn’t earn anything like [that]. It’s more than irritating. It’s infuriating, actually. I don’t think, no matter how good they are, they are worth all that money. It’s a public broadcasting service. I’ll be hacked off when I still have to pay my license in four years [after turning 75]” Former presenter Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour Jenni Murray on earning less than her replacement, quoted in The Sunday Telegraph.

“lan Fleming’s family were just terribly nice about it and very persuasive. And then my agent persuaded me that it would make a lot of money and said: “You haven’t got a pension fund, so what about it?” Novelist Sebastian Faylks on writing a James Bond thriller, quoted in The Sunday Times.

“A poll tax on wheels” The AA’s verdict on proposals to charge motorists for every mile they drive, quoted in The Mail on Sunday.

Kris Paterson is a writer for WhatJobs.com.