In this day and age, it is widely thought you should work smart, not hard. 

This saying could have various perceptions on what it means; however, these people have taken it to another level. 

Here are the top five jobs that pay you for doing very little indeed (some might be quite dull, but if you can take that, these could be for you)


Standing in line

Although this sounds painfully boring, you could be making up to $25 an hour for doing nothing but standing in a line. 

It requires a lot of patience and the ability to put up with the behavior of other human beings – not something everyone can do.

Believe or not, there’s an app where people can book you to stand in line for them.

The job is straightforward; once you’re close to the front, you send the buyer a message and swap places with them then they give you the money. 

If you dislike hard graft, this is the perfect job for you.

According to Elite Daily, a man called Robert Samuel made $14,000 waiting in line to buy someone an iPhone.  

Hotel sleep tester

Yes, this is a real thing, and according to Zip Recruiter, you can earn between $30k and $100k a year sleeping on various mattresses.

The job’s essential role is to test a mattress’s quality. How often have you stayed at a hotel and left the next day with your back in agony due to a lousy bed? 

So, this job helps hotels ensure the quality of their beds is flawless for their guests.

Another role of a hotel sleep tester is to see if there are any weird noises during the night that comes from the bed. Also, you must check for any annoying light that comes in from outside or a dripping tap in the hotel rooms themselves.  

You pretty much get paid to sleep. What more could you want?

Water Slide Tester

Imagine getting paid $30,000 to $35,000 a year for going on water slides. 

This is for you if you love adrenaline and want a more fun job than anything. 

But you still need specific skills to execute the role of a water slide tester.

Firstly no wearing speedos because we all know what happens to them, and if you’re a woman, no bikinis – because it doesn’t end well and most importantly, you must have a passion for the water.

Once you’ve met that criteria- which isn’t rocket science- you’re good to go.

Water slides are evaluated on the thrill and splash and, most of all, safety. 

You’ll need to be fair, level-headed, and have the time to travel the world. 

If you love traveling, exploring new parts of the world, and relishing water parks, this job is for you.

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Professional Foreigner

You could be the answer to China’s problems.

Can you clean up well, look good in a suit or dress, shake hands firmly, and have a smile that screams trust? If so, this is the ideal job for you.

Many Chinese businesses employ foreigners to be the face of events.

Your primary duties, which don’t require much effort, are; to cut the ribbon at a store opening or opening event.

For any event where the media will be present, you’ll be needed as there is a certain level of respect if a foreigner goes to the event.

You don’t even need to speak Chinese. Just grin and wave.

Art Project in Sweden

The project is a play-by-play on the quote, “face of mass automation,” the wealth gap, and how the human race will continue to do less the more artificial intelligence takes over.

The project is set to begin in 2026 when a new train station is planned to open.

Your job will be to come to the train station every morning to turn the lights on and clock out at the end of the day.

That is it.

The job is guaranteed till you retire; you can do other things during the day if you want as long as you’re on-site.

You get annual leave, additions, and a retirement.

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