PayPal is assisting with the relaunch of IMG’s MADE as a platform for new fashion designers.

The redesigned platform, branded as MADE X PayPal and built by IMG FOCUS, will give much needed support to emerging and diverse designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and merchants.

This partnership will provide everything from fashion shows to retail drops, cultural debates, and performances to assist young designers develop the next generation of fashion icons.


Amanda Miller, vice president of corporate affairs at PayPal said: “At this critical moment of recovery from the inequitable impacts of the pandemic, MADE x PayPal will contribute to empowering the next generation of diverse designers and building a more inclusive digital economy.”

In March, PayPal and other digital wallets accounted for 17 percent of all travel purchases.

PayPal and other digital wallets were utilized in only 3.6 percent or fewer of all other retail sales.

PayPal is expanding its access to new consumers and exposing itself to a new market for payment — the fashion industry — by working with an up-and-coming fashion platform like MADE.

Through MADE, PayPal also seeks to provide them with the resources they need to expand their brands.

Source: PYMNTS

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