With some deep searching, we have found the most ridiculous, hilarious, and surprisingly brilliant business ideas that against all odds have made millions.

These businesses might make your eyes widen with disbelief!

If you are ever sitting there doubting your business ideas… then don’t!

Even the craziest ideas can become a success.



The first thought here is, who on earth would want to rent a chicken?

Well, some people who have an interest in urban farming want to get chickens.

However, some may like the idea of having one but what if they don’t like caring for chickens?

Then, they’re stuck with a coop and loads of chickens they don’t want.

This is where Rent-A-Chicken comes in handy.

This husband and wife duo in Traverse City, Michigan provides you with everything you need to care for hens in the summer.

For $250, you can see whether or not you really want to try raising chickens on your own.

Rent-a-chicken makes $127.7K in revenue per employee.

There’s another business similar to this one in Australia called Rent-A-Chook.

Bed Bug Barrier

Nobody wants to be infested with bed bugs.

If you’ve ever been to a hostel, hotel, or even your own house infested with bed bugs, then you know how much of a nightmare those mites can be.

Well, Tony Abrams made millions by inventing barriers to keep the bedbugs from biting.

His business is called Bed Bug Barriers.

He creates and sells barriers that go underneath the legs of a bed.

These barriers trap the bedbugs as they attempt to crawl into the bed to bite people.

The headquarters are based in Australia and they make just under $5million with only 25 employees!

Hangover Helpers

No doubt we have all experienced a nasty hangover.

Well, these two college students might just be geniuses.

Nobody wants to wake up to a messy house from the night before, with a banging headache, hungry belly, and have to face cleaning and making food.

So instead, you call the Hangover Helpers.

These two college guys in Boulder, Colorado help their hungover clients crawl back into the land of the living with as little pain as possible.

They will go to your home with some food and drinks -yes non-alcoholic.

Then they will clean every room where the party happened.

This includes cleaning dishes, pots, and pans, and recycling all empty bottles.

Surprisingly, they became a huge success and have been featured in Forbes Magazine, on CBS, and on the talk show, Regis and Kelly.

They charge $15 per roommate.

They have enough business to keep them busy as long as they want.

The Smashing Place

Have you ever been so frustrated and needed to let some anger out?

Well, this place is perfect for that.

Rather than having to smash your own plates and cups, this business located in Tokyo allows people to come in and buy a plate or a cup of their choice, and smash it against a concrete wall.

They can swear, stomp their feet, or do anything else they want to relieve stress.

It became quite a success and there are a few other places just like this located across the globe.

I Do, Now I Don’t

Marriage can be a tough decision as once you’re in and you change your mind it can be a complete nightmare.

Josh Opperman’s fiancée left him after a three-month engagement.

All she left him was the engagement ring he’d worked very hard to save up for.

However, when he took the ring back to the jeweler to return it, they only offered him $3,500 for the ring he paid over $10,000 for.

So he started I Do, Now I Don’t.

I Do, Now I Don’t is a website that allows people to sell their engagement rings or any other jewelry to others for a lot less than a jewelry store would sell it for.

The site has been an huge success and has been featured on CNN, The Today Show, Fox News, and in The New York Times.

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