Pack Health has announced expansion plans in Alabama to create up to 200 full-time jobs by 2027.

The leading patient engagement company will almost double its headquarter facilities in the city of Birmingham.

The new roles include Health Advisors and coaching staff, some member services representatives, and software engineers.


The company is revamping its current headquarters mostly to suit its growing workforce.

The project will boost its square footage from 25,000 to 46,000 square feet and add parking space for those on site.

It is expected to be finished by June 2023.

Pack Health Founder Mazi Rasulnia said: “It is our pleasure to work with the State of Alabama to grow Pack Health in Birmingham.

“We are extremely proud to add 200 positions to Jefferson County and expand our capabilities in connecting diagnostic insights to our members managing chronic health conditions.

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“These benefits will go a long way towards furthering our work building a healthier community, bringing better therapies to patients and lowering medical costs.”

The state of Alabama has provided economic development incentives in recognition of the public benefits that will result from the expansion of the flagship facility.

The new center will continue to offer health coaching, engaging individuals online to help them develop self-management skills.

It includes healthy eating programs for employees and patient-reported outcome surveys for clinical trials to improve health outcomes.

Employees will also have access to an upgraded fitness center, a wide walking pathway, and a variety of healthy food options.

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