Onsego is a publisher of online GED preparatory programs. The GED high school equivalency (HSE) program offers adults who couldn’t finish high school the opportunity to earn a secondary education credential.

Across North America, the GED® certificate or diploma is accepted in the same way as a common high school degree.

The full Onsego courses come at a modest price, but now, Onsego also offers also free online GED classes so that students can get familiar with the Onsego course.

Additionally, Onsego publishes a complete overview of GED prep locations and test centers in every state. Online learning requires self-discipline on the student’s behalf, so it is not the optimal solution for everyone.

Online GED exam

The GED exam itself, actually a series of four separate, independent sub-exams, can be taken at official GED testing centers or (in most states) in an online proctored format as well if the candidate attains sufficient results on the official GED Ready® practice test.

The four GED sub-exams, independent modules, assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the following academic fields: Social Studies, English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.

The importance of secondary education

Secondary education is playing a complex, fundamental role in preparing our young students for continued education in college or university and getting them ready for the labor market when they decide to leave school after their secondary education degree to find a rewarding job.

The complexity often is that a growing number of young people quit their secondary education (high school) program prematurely, so their talents, interests, education, and employment opportunities are not developed to their fullest capacities.

What also matters is that the needs and requirements of employers and educational institutions are shifting more and more rapidly, and students must adapt to these changes.

That’s where Onsego’s online GED preparatory course can play a crucial role. The GED course is fully recognized by GED Testing Service, the creator and publisher of the GED test, as being entirely aligned with the current GED exam.

Without a secondary education degree (high school or equivalent diploma), it has become harder and harder to secure a decently-paying job or work toward a rewarding career.

The fact that the GED exam is only offered in a computer based format is a great development since there are practically no positions available that don’t require candidates to master at least basic computer skills.

Online learning

Our society is changing rapidly, and young people must have the knowledge and tools to adapt to those changes. The perspectives on quality education have changed, and online education, though definitely not the perfect solution for each individual student, has opened many opportunities for students with self-discipline.

Online education offers immense flexibility because committed students can now learn what they want, where they want, and when they want. That’s something that was not possible in earlier days.

Travel time is no longer required, and students don’t have to show up at set times in traditional classroom settings, saving lots of time and money!

Onsego’s GED course

Onsego’s online GED course is highly interactive and entertaining. At a modest fee, students get numerous bite-sized video lessons that cover each and every GED topic in a clear and understandable way, and there are lots of practice tests as well.

And the good news is that a large part of the lessons and practice tests are now available for free as well on the Onsego website.

GED prep sites and test centers

Additionally, Onsego has published an overview of just about each and every prep location in the U.S. where GED students who are not good at online learning can become ready for the GED exam under the supervision of teachers.

The four GED modules (independent subtests) can be taken online (to qualify, the candidates need to reach sufficient scores on the GED Ready practice test) or at an official GED testing center. Onsego lists all GED testing facilities in the U.S. as well.

But for self-disciplined GED hopefuls, the Onsego online course is the optimal alternative to get ready for the GED exam efficiently and very fast!

A brighter future with a GED

Global studies have indicated that each additional year of secondary education increases a student’s future wages by some 10 to 15%. Individuals who have completed high school or have earned a GED usually make at least $9600 more annually than persons who don’t have a high school or equivalent degree.

GED candidates who attain “college-ready” results even have the chance to see additional college entrance requirements, such as submitting SAT or ACT scores or taking remedial classes, waived, depending on the school of their choice. More and more institutions of higher learning accept GED college-ready scores for that purpose.

There are three GED passing score ranges. Each GED subtest is scored on a scale from 100 to 200. 145-164 is the high school equivalency range (career-ready), 165-174 is the college-ready range, and students that score in the 175-200 range will additionally get up to 10 college credits, depending on the subject and the school. So you see, the GED exam has become a trustworthy alternative again for a high school completion degree, and Onsego has designed an online course that caters perfectly well to the needs of students who can learn on their own. The good thing is that a great chunk of the course material is now available at no cost at all!