Ofcom have decided to award the local Digital Radio Multiplex licence for Gloucestershire to Muxco.

Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has expressed his delight and said “Throughout my political career I have campaigned vigorously to ensure that rural areas receive the same level of service as urban areas. It is fantastic news that the residents of the Cotswolds will be able to have access to this exciting and innovative broadcast medium”

Of the two companies bidding for the licence Muxco offered the best coverage to the residents of the Cotswolds, with an estimated 92% of adults in Gloucestershire able to receive a DAB signal.
In expressing his congratulations to MuxCo, Mr Clifton-Brown said that he was looking forward to working with them in the coming months and years to ensure the residents of the Cotswolds receive the best possible service.
Source Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (Cotswold)


DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and involves technologies that broadcast sound digitally across radio waves. This means audiences enjoy digital quality sound that’s hiss and crackle free.
DAB can also transmit many services in a single area of airspace that takes almost the same space as just one FM station, giving listeners a hige choice of radio entertainment

MuxCo Ltd is a joint-venture between National Grid Wireless and Folder Media and was created to work with local radio partners and bid for local DAB digital radio licences. In each area MuxCo parners with other media companies to collectively bid for each licence.
MuxCo Gloucestershire is owned by UKRD(25%) , Murfin Media Ltd (25%) , Town and Country Broadcasting ltd (25%) and MuxCo Ltd (25%). The twelve year licence could achieve coverage of an area with an adult (aged 15+) population of around 460,000.
In each area a number of stations broadcast together in a “multiplex”. The multiplex operator holds a licence and builds a transmitter network. This operator then contracts with lots of different radio stations to broadcast on its platform. The services proposed at the time the licence was awarded were as follows:-
Severn Sound, Gold 774, Star 107.5, Easy Radio, Shuffle, Smithy Rock, Local Live, UCB UK, Traffic Radio, Variety Pop Rock, BBC Radio Gloucester, Podcast Channel

Source MuxCo Gloucestershire