How Job Search Has Changed
Finding a job in the US in 2021 is different in many ways compared to 2020. The COVID pandemic has opened our eyes to home working and quality of life. Working parents are forced to balance work and family life in one space, and remote workers often find themselves working long hours; these changes will raise important questions for any job applications. 

Attracting candidates through job advertisements is the initial stage of the recruitment process. But what is the point of spending hours on end writing excellent job descriptions only for you to post them on websites that get very little website traffic? Likewise, if you are looking for a new career, you won’t want to register with job lookup websites hosting poor quality job adverts. So, stop wasting your time posting suitable adverts on bad sites or registering your CV to get zero results by reading this article about the best USA job websites in 2021.

1)  Indeed

Indeed is excellent for online job postings. Its size allows more resources to be used, and no other site can match the update rate. Candidates will get many new jobs in a day, which will increase your chances of finding your dream job. They don’t need to pay anything or create an Indeed account to register. However, creating a free account allows them to save their resume and make applying faster and easier. They can also set up to receive notifications of new jobs on the website. Employers and recruiters can also send messages directly from Indeed, and the interface is easy to use. This site offers careers in a variety of industries and at different levels.

Another great feature is the salary comparison tool. This gives job seekers, especially those unfamiliar with the location, an idea of ​​the average salary packages offered for the area. This saves applicants unnecessary time studying similar aspects of wages and works—pros: Easy to apply, Impressive update frequency, Free to use. No account is needed to apply for jobs. VISIT

2)   LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded in 2003 as a social media platform focused on communicating with professionals. This LinkedIn page is linked to a work profile database and mailing list. Members can also post jobs and opportunities in the organization on their profiles. Every time they apply for a job posted on LinkedIn, their profile is converted to a digital resume and sent to the employer or recruiter who posted the job they applied for. This is why applicants profiles must contain accurate information. This is not only a profile on a social network but also a professional document. Pros: Free for anyone to use, Highly interactive, Social networking tool VISIT

3)  Monster

Job aspirants can search for different experience levels at Monster. There are also various ways of working, such as part-time, full-time and freelance. An account is required to apply for a job, but anyone can create an account easily, quickly and for free.

The free account permits you to save jobs and job searches. It also lets applicants set up email notifications if their chosen career is available, including suggested jobs based on your selected area, industry, or role. They can search for jobs based on the company name, release date, job title and location. This saves a lot of nuisance without having to browse unnecessary posts. However, it is not possible to search for jobs based on experience and salary particulars. This is measured as a size restriction for many job seekers, and the main reason for their job search is to get high compensation. Pros: Highly functional, Can block resumes from certain companies, Useful resource centre. VISIT

4)   Snagajob

For more than two decades, Snagajob has been linking part-time employees with local positions. Since its establishment in 2000, Snagajob has been one of the leading online hourly job sites. Having more than 100 million registered job seekers and 700 hundred thousand+ employers, it is one of the relevant websites for hourly job aspirants due to the number of listings and user-friendly interface.interfacesLadders

The job site offers vacancies for senior professionals, executives, and those aspiring to take up senior management positions. Aspirants seeking jobs with an annual remuneration of $100,000 or more can receive verified opportunities after paying a subscription fee. Pros: Easy to use, Urgently hiring filter option VISIT


WhatJobs is a job search engine and not a job board. This means users are instantly shown the most current job vacancies advertised across their desired location and job sector taken from hundreds of other career websites. It saves a heap of time and effort and provides a ‘One Stop Shop’. Their job match technology ensures that you’re getting the most up to date jobs out there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Globally, WhatJobs has ten million+ new jobs listed on any given day, so it is also perfect for US-based job seekers looking for overseas opportunities. VISIT

 6) Glassdoor

With Glassdoor, applicants can do multiple things at the same time. They can view vacancies and also view the company information listed. These details are very extensive, including company leadership, culture, and even salary and benefits data. Before applying for a job, they can quickly grasp almost all the basic information about the company.

They must create a profile and upload your resume to use Glassdoor for a job search. Then there is the additional option of creating email alerts to be notified when you post positions that may be of interest to you. The list of active jobs on the website can be navigated through its search bar. Each job listed contains data about the job, the mode they have applied, including a company’s summary, anonymous user ratings and comments, company CEO and salary and benefits. Pros: Free for job seekers, Huge database of employers, Company reviews VISIT

7) LinkUp

LinkUp was launched in 2009 and is powered by technology that can find the latest jobs posted online. This creates a database with newer lists, so applicants don’t waste time looking at outdated and non-empty lists that other sites won’t take time to delete. This can be tricky because it takes time to check the work specifications and organize your request accordingly, only to find that the position is already inactive. With LinkUp, there is the advantage of new opportunities right from the start.

The site covers education to finance, healthcare to law, sales and marketing, and technical jobs. You do not need to register to use the site. However, it has additional features, such as saving job ads, composing emails, and saving searches only if the job seekers have an account. There is no reason not to register because there is no registration fee. Pros: Free to use, Constantly updated job listings VISIT

8) Scouted

Scouts are more involved in a job search than regular websites. Founded in 2014, it enables a holistic approach to evaluating individual applications. Instead of just focusing on just the resume, it considers the unique characteristics of the job seeker. This includes the value of experience and skills but emphasizes the potential summary that aspirants provide. This makes Scouting an ideal site for young graduates.

Users must upload a copy of their CV to create a scout profile. These can be links to wallets or websites. They should answer the virtual interview questions as soon as you have a Scout account. When their profile is complete, they can search the job and click the apply button; the scout will collect the profile data and responses they had given during the interview and send them all to the company they are applying to. Pros: Unique approach to recruitment, Best for fresh graduates VISIT

9). Ladders

The Ladders was founded in 2003 and are essentially a job listing for high-paying opportunities, including positions with an annual salary of at least $100,000. It is used by major players in different industries when they register for an account; they will be prompted to provide the position they want to apply for. They can then access a list of jobs that match your roles. There are some lists on the website that they can order without paying any fees. However, others can only access it through a paid subscription.

Premium subscriptions will give full access to all job postings; job matches will be sent to applicants email, top placement on the recruiting company’s candidates list, including some details about your competition. Unlike its competitors, The Ladders has a price considering that the site focuses on high-paying jobs. Pros: Best for high-paying jobs, Best for managerial roles. VISIT

10) Craiglist

Craigslist’s Jobs isn’t as extensive as other sites, but it’s worth looking into, especially if applicants look for real training like freelance or part-time jobs. Craigslist is more local than other sites. This gives them a complete list of places close to their location and, of course, more convenient workplaces.

The biggest problem with Craigslist is that it is unreliable. It’s not exactly zero, but mainly due to regulatory restrictions. The employer is ready to remove their vacancy at any time, even if it has already been filled. Also, the site is not regulated, so there are many scammers here. Pros: Mostly local opportunities, Unique job postings.VISIT

Using Job search sites to find your dream job
It’s no wonder people find it easier to search for jobs online. These job sites usually post millions of available positions in companies operating from large companies to small businesses. Each site allows applicants to use filters including job title, company name, and location to narrow their search. Some even allow you to search by salary range, and some will enable you to search by advanced degrees that may be eligible for a specific position.

To successfully start using a job search website, you need to know what you want: what skills to emphasize, what type of company you want to work for, and what field you want to live and work in. Knowing this can narrow your search and help you quickly determine the jobs you can apply for and the jobs you might be hired for. It is also helpful to visit only those sites that provide potential customers, contacts, and resources best for you.