The popular rail operator, Northern, announced that the new normal is going to reflect on their upcoming timetable for railways. The decision was taken by the authorities to deal with COVID19’s “Knock-on effects.”

The company authorities cut down their services since the lockdown started and have finally announced that they will resume services from 14th September 2020.  

It’s a known fact that Northern was planning to reintroduce its services to the public since May. Chris Jackson, regional director of Northern, quoted, “Most demanding routes had to be prioritized, to keep COVID away from hampering the services.” 

A spokesperson of the Northern reported us that all trains across all northern England will come back to its pre-COVID timetables but in a gradual way. Director Jackson said, “Northern is doing its best to provide its top-level services to the customers as soon as possible.”

“Most of our regions are understaffed due to the pandemic. The knock-on effect of the coronavirus is going to stay longer than expected and will be felt for many more months to come.”

The timetables that got rescheduled due to the pandemic will be made public in the coming weeks. The punctuality and reliability of the railway services will be kept intact, meaning no more frustrations from late services. He also added, ” The chosen routes will receive the same number of trains as they did before and a handful of while a handful of others will see a reduction in services.” 

To balance the demand for service and drastic cut-down on employee attendance forced the authorities to stick to this decision. The existing employees will have to go through driver and conductor training again as the company suddenly stopped their services six months back. 

The spokesman added that they are desperately trying to initiate other services with the limited possible resources they have for now. Due to an understuffed structure, the company was bound to initiate the services based on priority. But he also assured the locals of Moreton that other services will gradually start to initiate, following the new normal. 

Mr. Jackson ended his statement with hope for locals. “To balance the demand for service and continue with driver and conductor training, and to maintain social distancing among peers, the service was stopped. In the coming months, all the services were set to perform as it was before.”