In addition to losing weight, and spending more time with family, many people will set a New Year’s resolution to improve their professional lives in the coming year. According to research, one of the top 10 most popular resolutions is job-related, whether it’s landing a new job, a promotion, or to earn more money.

As a result, recruitment agencies across the country will receive a surge of candidates in January, both from people who are looking for a career change and from those that want to get back into the job market after a period of absence.

Victoria Maddock, Director of Expectations! Recruitment Services, Cheltenham has provided some useful advice to help you stand out above other candidates in 2014.

Promote yourself – When interviewed by a recruitment agency, remember that you still need to promote yourself fully, so that, in turn, they can “sell” you effectively to the job market. An interview with an agency, no matter how informal, is just as important as any other job interview, be presentable and be on time.

Appearance is really important when looking for work, and first impressions count. Plan and check the details of your appointment, make sure you leave yourself enough time to get there and, if applicable, where you can park your car. These things might sound trivial but they could make all the difference.

Attention to detail – When you get to the stage of making an application, check that you submit exactly what is being asked. It is surprising how many people don’t send a covering letter or fill in an application by hand when asked to do so. Neglecting to follow instructions shows a lack of attention to detail and this can be detrimental to your application.
Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. As an agency we realise that you will probably be applying for more than one job, so make sure you know exactly what the requirements are for each job and show that you have the specific skills needed.

Manage your applications – Keep a spreadsheet of every job you apply for and make a record of the closing dates, contact names and numbers for each job. This way, you can keep track of all the roles you have expressed an interest in and make follow up calls if you have received no response.

Trust in the agency – When approaching an agency, choose one that you can trust and set out to build a relationship with them. “Your perfect job may not be on the market yet”, states Victoria, “but if we know what you are looking for and have a good relationship with you, we will think of you when it crops up”.

Joanne Long and Victoria Maddock joined forces nearly a decade ago to launch Expectations! Recruitment Services. Today’s management team and staff are focused on attracting quality, professional candidates. Their well established and successful Cheltenham operation is based at Number 1 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham. The new Gloucester branch of Expectations! Recruitment Services based on 8 College Street, Gloucester. Every applicant gets a personal and honest response and no one is simply ‘put on the books’ without a face-to-face meeting with one of the team. The recruitment agency aims to provide temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to employers, irrespective of their size.

Expectations Recruitment Services use their existing relationships with potential employers within a wide spectrum of business sectors to ensure that the right candidates are put forward for positions with Gloucestershire’s leading employers. Expectations! specialise in many commercial sectors including office, managerial, sales, marketing, public sector and human resource jobs.
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Source: apt marketing & pr on behalf of Expectations! Recruitment Services