There are plans to open a new job centre in Dudley town to help the city recover from the Covid pandemic. A former Peacocks store on the main high street is all set to turn into a job centre after the proposed plan from the ‘Department for Work and Pensions’. This is part of the government initiative aimed at increasing job opportunities in areas of the UK that have been worst hit by the coronavirus.

Plans have been submitted to Dudley Council to modify the old Peacocks storefront to fit external ventilation and extraction equipment, which is situated opposite Dudley market, which was shut down recently despite the collapsed fashion chain being saved after an acquisition.

The Planning group from Pegasus said “The need for these facilities is immediate as it is to address the immediate consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on the national economy. Consequently, it is critical that the initiative can be started immediately to help those that have the immediate need for assistance in getting back into the jobs market and therefore contribute towards the nation’s economy”.

“Since the shop unit is unoccupied, which means it can be brought back into use rapidly. The development would not raise “any visual amenity or public safety concerns, and once fully operational, the proposal would be adding to liveliness and capability in the town centre. There will clearly be spin-off potential from this number of people visiting the town centre for the specific purpose of getting job training, which would potentially support existing businesses in Dudley.“ added the Pegasus Group.

This center would be in addition to Dudley’s main job centre which is on Wolverhampton Street.

Source: Expressandstar