Oxstalls Campus, University of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Lane, Gloucester, GL2 9WH. Wednesday December 11, 4pm-7.30pm. Admission free.
The University of Gloucestershire and Management Advisory Service (MAS) are joining forces to promote the Wellbeing and Performance agenda in Gloucestershire and the region.
The Applied Psychology Hub will be a virtual meeting place for academic, professional and business organisations interested in all aspects of learning and application in applied psychology, with an emphasis on its use in promoting individuals’ wellbeing, and the impacts this can have on organisational performance.
The Wellbeing and Performance Symposium 2013 will launch the hub and takes place at the University’s Oxstalls Campus on Wednesday December 11. The keynote speaker is Professor Derek Mowbray, Visiting Professor and a Director of the Management Advisory Service.
The university is developing a new postgraduate programme in Wellbeing and Performance to be validated to start in Spring 2014.
Professor Mowbray said: “This is a very exciting time for the University of Gloucestershire with the launch of The Applied Psychology Hub, a ‘place’ for businesses and services to engage with applied psychologists on all issues to do with the impact of psychological wellbeing on the performance of individuals and businesses and services.

It is, also, a very exciting time for The Management Advisory Service (MAS) in joining forces with the University in the development of The Applied Psychology Hub. The application of research to improving psychological wellbeing and performance is the essence of MAS, and The WellBeing and Performance Agenda, developed by MAS, is gaining traction as the agenda to follow to improve performance in organisations.

The Symposium on Wednesday 11th December is an opportunity for local businesses and services to explore with applied psychologists in the University how psychology can help develop organisations into peak performing places to work.”

Workshop topics include Motivational Interviewing and Behaviour Change in Health and Workplace Settings, Mindfulness; Promoting Wellbeing and Wisdom in the Workplace, and Developing Resilience: Lessons Learned from Olympic champions.
To find out more about the symposium, please visit http://insight.glos.ac.uk/academicschools/nss/Pages/default.aspx and click on the Seminars tab. For further information, please contact [email protected]

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