An Amazon Fresh grocery has opened in Huntington Beach, creating hundreds of local jobs with a starting pay of $16.40 per hour.

The 35,000 square-foot store at 6911 Warner Ave, incorporating the company’s “Just Walk Out” technology, is Amazon’s 15th store of Amazon in Southern California.

Customers who choose Just Walk Out visit the store and scan an in-store QR code in their Amazon app, via Amazon One, or by entering a credit or debit card, which activates the Just Walk Out gates.


Bob Phibbs, CEO of The Retail Doctor, a New York-based retail consulting company, stated consumers will see more hands-free shopping alternatives as the nation’s retail sector evolves.

Phibbs said: “I think we’ll probably see this sooner in more convenience stores, rather than grocery stores. It’s easier to manage in a smaller footprint, and in those stores, you don’t have to deal with things like fresh fruit.”

Once inside, whatever they take from the shelf is instantly placed in a virtual cart, and anything they return is removed. When customers are finished shopping, simply scan or input their entrance method again to exit, eliminating traditional checkout.

Hundreds of cameras, weight gauges, and scanners watch everything customers take off shelves and place in their trolleys.

Customers, including non-Amazon members, can also use a standard checkout line, and those purchasing alcohol must go via a separate, one-way aisle, show an ID to an employee, and exit through a gate.

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The discount store sells a large variety of national brands as well as meat and seafood, as well as a variety of prepared dishes produced fresh in-store every day, ranging from fresh-baked bread and made-to-order pizzas to rotisserie chickens and hot sandwiches.

Three more Amazon Fresh stores have just opened in Mission Viejo, La Verne, and Murrieta, with a fourth set to open shortly in Westlake Village.

The organization presently has 31 sites around the United States, including California, Washington, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

Source: The Orange County Register

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