When the entire world faces a financial crisis and layoffs are happening left right and centre, the US economy itself faced 9.9 million job cuts within a span of ten to eleven months. The reported job losses are extremely high and will have a prolonged impact on the economy for years to come.

A recent study organised by Mckinsey & Company and leanin.org revealed that among 9.9 million layoffs during the pandemic, one fourth, (approximately 2.5 million) were women. A vast section of American workers are struggling to stay engaged in their job role. Experts believe the status women have achieved in the workplace in recent years will again go down significantly as less are now in full-time employment.

Jacquie Hower, a mother of two, shared her views of leaving her job during the pandemic. . Jacquie said ” At this point, it seems pretty clear to me that woman are top of the list when it comes to selecting which staff members are going to lose their job“. Jacquie, along with 25% of American women who had a job before the pandemic struck, had been relieved of their duties in front of male colleagues.

The American work culture is established on male employees’ and is always assumed to have a wife take care of the household and children. It’s how things were for hundreds of years, so, when a woman gets into a job role, the childcare factor emerges. It’s now not only the women looking after the kids but also men from time to time. The ugly truth about the American workplace is quite simply women are more vulnerable in the job market than men. Jacquie finished by saying “Seemingly bosses get away with paying less, just because we are women“.

There are hundreds of stories shared by women who faced job loss during the Covid-19 situation. However, with the vaccine’s rollout, the job market will eventually resume normal again, but not for a while.