Staff at NBC News and MSNBC have gone on strike over job cuts and frustration over a lack of movement “after years of trying.”

Nearly 40 people protested in front of the network’s 30 Rock office building in Manhattan on Thursday, February 9 as around 200 staff walked out.

Tate James, a video editor for NBC News explained: “NBC is not offering us anything worthwhile in bargaining, after years of trying.

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“We need to see some change from management, and this might be the thing that moves them.”

Union leaders promised to hold the picket earlier this week, citing NBC’s actions to fire seven unit employees without informing the union last month.

Since then, the NBC Guild has filed many unfair labor practice complaints with the National Labor Relations Board.

But it has become impatient due to a lack of resolution.

The NBC management received a letter outlining the reason for the move on Wednesday.

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NBC News said: “We are disappointed by the NewsGuild’s continued attempts to misrepresent the facts while we work in good faith with them to reach an agreement.” 

A source said the media giant had backup measures if the strike went through.

While some MSNBC workers joined the picket, the MSNBC Union, representing only MSNBC staff, did not formally join.

The employees at MSNBC who took part were likely the members of the NBC Guild who work for the larger news network.

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NBC alleges the business strategy has changed, which makes layoffs legal, so management was not required to inform the union.

But NBC also argues that it had “repeatedly tried to engage the Union about the impact of these layoffs, such as severance and benefits continuation, on its members.”

The NBC strike follows similar actions by unionized workers at The New York Times and Reuters last year.

Source: The Daily Beast

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