After her passion for books and libraries has taken her to Malawi and back, information adviser Johanna Anderson has won a national award for her research.
Johanna, who works at the University of Gloucestershire, has won the Library and Information Research Group (LIRG) Student Award for her dissertation.
LIRG is a Special Interest group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and offers its award to promote a greater awareness amongst students of the importance of research and to facilitate the dissemination of the results of outstanding projects.
Johanna travelled to a school in Malawi in 2008, one of the world’s poorest countries, to see how donated books were put to use.
Her research led to the submission of her dissertation last year, Library Aid to Developing Countries: A case study investigating how a Western literary library model is integrated into a Sub-Saharan African oral culture within the Malawian primary education system, which was submitted to the University of the West of England.
And she is delighted with the news of the award: “I am thrilled to have won this award. I am passionate about this subject and although writing a dissertation is a challenge I enjoyed every moment.”
Each School of Library and Information Studies is invited to nominate one of their students’ projects for the award.
A spokesman for the LIRG said: “The standard of all applications was very high and both students and their supervisors are to be commended.”

Source: University of Gloucestershire