Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has welcomed the announcement from Gloucestershire County Council that they will install a vehicular activated sign on Aston Road in Chipping Camden which display the speed of passing motorists, to persuade motorists to slow down in this residential area as a traffic calming measure.

Traffic Calming Chipping Campden: L-R: Sally O’Dell, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Vanessa Rigg and Bob SkillernTraffic Calming Chipping Campden: L-R: Sally O’Dell, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Vanessa Rigg and Bob SkillernThe MP has been in regular contact with the county over the issue and in December visited the site and attended a meeting with Bob Skillern from the Gloucester Highways for Chipping Campden, Chris Leese, Vice President of Cemex as well as two local residents Vanessa Rigg and Sally O’Dell.

Speaking today Mr Clifton-Brown said “The speed of traffic on this road was of great concern to me and a number of local residents and without action such as this a serious accident would have been inevitable. This news will be welcomed in Chipping Camden and I am pleased to have been able to offer my assistance in getting this decision being made”

In their letter to the MP Gloucestershire County Council state that they have not got a programmed date for the scheme but work would be carried out by the end of the year, with an inspection and replacement as necessary of the existing temporary 30mph signs.

Source: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (Cotswold)