According to Talint International the ability to use programming languages such as Python and data analytic are in the highest demand.

The sector is very wide and specialisation in software development and IT operations, DevOps in short will be on the top of the list. Agile methodologies, cloud fundamentals and SecOps (security) are up there at the top as well.

Organisations base their operations on data analytics, therefore, the report indicated a 1000% increase in demand for courses that target data visualisation and analytics.

The main focus everywhere you look is Data, it underlines many areas of organisations because it promotes development and progress. In light of this, demand for skilled roles in this area is on the rise.

Courses in this area are so popular that as many as eight of ten courses sought after were SQL between February and October 2020.

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Customer Market Leader and General Manager at Skillsoft, Michael Yoo, comments on how vital this ability to navigate in technology driven world is when it comes to the future of work. He also mentions that the report gives us an idea of what is of what we have to learn to become more fluent when it comes to affecting the progress for any organisation.

It has all been brought about by transition to home-working, security and development of operations are more important that they have ever been. Demand for those skills is not slowing down and we will see even bigger spike of it in 2021.

The new character of working that everyone had to embrace calls for all the skills in the area of data analytics and cybersecurity.

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