Healthcare job workers are being urged to move to Montana as part of a drive to solve the “long-standing problem” of a lack of health workers.

The state’s Governor Greg Gianforte unveiled, a website that invites qualified health care providers to relocate to Montana as part of the state’s innovative health care workforce recruitment initiative known as CARE (Claim Allowance for Relocation Expenses).

He said: “For too long, Montana has struggled to attract and retain health care providers, and the pandemic has only made this longstanding problem worse,”

He added: “That’s why, with the CARE in Montana program, we’re inviting qualified doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals to move to Montana, serve in our communities, help reduce the burden on existing workers, and ensure Montanans have access to high-quality care.”

It was first introduced at the Billings Clinic in November 2021, and since then, Montana has established the program and rules, and state employers have begun to use the initiative to recruit health care professionals.

The state is supporting participating firms under the CARE program to compensate new employees up to $12,500 in moving costs and an additional 35 percent to offset taxes on the reimbursement amount.

If an employee accepts an offer of employment for a qualifying health care job, moves to Montana, and works in the qualifying job for at least 12 months, they are eligible for reimbursement. has all the details on the program.

Karen Costello, President of SCL Health – Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City said: “We appreciate and applaud the focus Governor Gianforte is placing on the acute-care workforce shortage that healthcare facilities throughout Montana are currently experiencing”.

She added, “SCL Health is committed to bringing experienced healthcare professionals to Montana, and this program will provide additional resources to our state that we hope will help ease the current labor shortage challenges.”

Source: KULR-8

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