A real life superhero from Milton Keynes has announced a very successful Christmas fundraising campaign.

Milton Keynes based Corina Cleaver owner of kids entertainment business Cool Kids working in partnership managed to raise money for The White Orchard Children’s home. The charity is committed to giving young people a future and through hard work and dedication Corina managed to raise £1,000 for this important cause via a number of fundraising activities supported by local job search portal WhatJobs.com.

Through this partnership, both parties hope to raise awareness for this incredible charity which was formed with the aim that all children deserve a family where they experience permanence and a sense of belonging that will remain with them into adulthood. Corina Cleaver, Director of Corina’s Cool Kids commented on the partnership by saying: “I was thrilled to announce a partnership with WhatJobs in order to support an excellent charitable organisation. It was very important that we chose a fundraising partner carefully and I found WhatJobs to be the perfect fit. Corina continued, “I had already planned a number of fundraising activities over Christmas but when Shane McGourty of WhatJobs suggested we partner up to try and make a difference together I jumped at the chance.”

What is White Orchard Care for Children?

White Orchard opened their doors in 2013 with a clear vision, to create a home that offered children the opportunity to receive outstanding care whilst providing a containing and nurturing home that will help them come to terms with their early life trauma and return to a family setting. In 2015 White Orchard opened a second home and continued with the same vision.

White Orchard believes that every child, no matter what their experiences or background, has the right to the best opportunities and outcomes in all areas of their lives. 

Shane McGourty, Managing Director of UK & Ireland at WhatJobs.com concluded: “We are really excited to work with Corina on creating bespoke fundraising opportunities to raise money for vital services and look forward to further fundraising and engagement opportunities throughout 2021.”

If you would like more information on Corina’s Cool Kids Parties or White Orchard Children’s Home please use the links below.