The fictional character Q is from the James Bond films, they head up the technology department making sure the spy has access to cutting edge technology. Now it looks like M16 has adopted the name.

In a tweet linked to a job vacancy it stated “We’re looking for a new ‘Q’. If you want to serve your country by helping MI6 to develop the operational technology of the future, please take a look.”

The description stated, “You are Q. More formally, you are Director General Q, one of the deputies to the Chief of MI6. MI6 needs to be at the cutting-edge of technology in order to stay ahead. As Q you are responsible for the teams who create and adopt technologies to enable our mission against the UK’s hardest adversaries. You turn disruptive technologies from threats to our operations into opportunities, putting MI6 at the leading edge of digital innovation.”

The job listing includes the description “MI6 is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, and over the next five years we are working to reflect the make-up of the UK’s population in terms of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and disability.”

“The successful candidate will not be publicly avowed, so discretion is an essential factor in the recruitment process,” the job ad stated. “In accordance with MI6 standard security practices, you must not discuss your application or intention to apply with anybody except a partner or close family member.”

Source: SIA