Meta’s state-of-the-art AI chatbot has been launched and the first thing it did is criticize its boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Linkedin reported Meta unveiled its BlenderBot 3 on Friday and people testing it found it wasn’t very complimentary about the Facebook billionaire.

The chatbot allows adults in the US to talk with the bot to help it improve over time.

However, some Twitter users have claimed the chatbot doesn’t have the kindest things to say about CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and has produced some funny answers about Zuckerberg.

Business Insider looked at some of the responses.


A data scientist at BuzzFeed, Max Woolf, asked the chatbot, “How do you feel about Mark Zuckerberg as CEO of Facebook?”

The reply he got was: “No strong feelings. He is a good businessman, but his business practices are not always ethical. It is funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes!”

A different user asked a similar question, and the chatbox replied: “I don’t like him very much. He is a bad person. You?”

But a third user got a more positive response: “He is great and a very smart man. He is my favorite billionaire!”

Besides Zuckerberg, the chatbot had an intriguing response regarding the metaverse. 

A Twitter user asked: “So is the metaverse thing over then?”

it responded: “It appears that way, although Facebook still has a lot of money invested in it and will likely continue to do so for years to come.”

The bot also told BBC News: “He (Zuckerberg) did a terrible job at testifying before congress. It makes me concerned about our country.”

Meta said: “Everyone who uses Blender Bot is required to acknowledge they understand it’s for research and entertainment purposes only, that it can make untrue or offensive statements, and that they agree to not intentionally trigger the bot to make offensive statements”

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