Joe Higginson, 25, an apprentice at a Mercedes dealership was strapped to a truck using gaffer tape, covered in brake fluid and then set on fire with just ski goggles for protection.

Fellow mechanics subjected him to the horrific ordeal which caused blistering burns to his hands and hair loss.

But despite the sick “prank”, bullies Matt Hall, James Hinks and Danny Martin all kept their jobs at Mercedes dealership Roanza Ltd in Warrington.

Joe reported the bullying to his bosses Michael Jones and Roy Reed, but they told him to sign a document agreeing he “would not take matters any further”.

Joe said: “It has been a nightmare. I have anxiety, panic attacks, problems sleeping. It has really taken its toll.”

He has also spent £4,000 on hair-loss treatment after the damage caused by the ‘prank’

The bosses said that Joe had stolen some oil and then used this bogus claim to sack him.

The case was taken to a tribunial where the judge was told that the manager Hinks picked on Joe because he was “an easy target”, after that other staff joined in with more bullying behaviour.

Judge Brian Doyle said at the hearing “What they did was insidious and nasty.” before calling the dismissal “unfair and unlawful”.

Joe was awarded £30,000 compensation for the dismissal but could not claim further compensation for his injuries as the company has gone out of business.

Source: TheSun