Mazda Toyota Manufacturing recently announced new products that would be manufactured in its Huntsville plant – and now requires workers to build them.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing and its Team ONE partners will hold a joint Job Fair at the Huntsville Marriott at the US Space and Rocket Center on Saturday, February 19, 2022.

The event will take place from 7.30 am until 11.30 am.


Mazda Toyota Manufacturing has over 1,200 open vacancies, with another 800 open positions at its partner firms.

Mazda had clarified there will be prospects for anyone looking for a new job in manufacturing even if they have no experience.

Wages, perks, and shift options will differ depending on the company.

Katherine Evans, HR OSP Specialist and Team ONE coordinator at MTM said: “Every position at every Team ONE company plays a role in the production of the Corolla Cross and CX-50,”.

She added, “There are roughly 2,000 open positions within Team ONE, all of which provide the opportunity to be part of the exciting future of manufacturing.”

MTM has upped the base hourly wage for production team employees to $18.35 an hour and the top rate to $25.00 an hour.

Starting earnings for skilled team members increased to $25.64 an hour, with top wages reaching $36.00 an hour.

Source: WaayTV

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