With the COVID-19 situation getting worse, concerns over social distancing have increased more than ever before. However, the recent incident of people queueing in large numbers in front of a Gloucester nightspot has become an eye-opener to the reality of social distancing in the region.

The queue remained outside Butlers #Bar103 nightspot in Eastgate Street for over three hours. When Daniel Woolf filmed the queue and informed the police about the violation of social distancing norms, the police told him that they didn’t find anything objectionable with the bar’s safety measures.

However, the video circulated on social media and brought forward tons of questions. People wanted to know how the nightspot stayed open when all clubs in the region were shut. As per reports, the nightclub is open without a dance floor. It operates as a bar with all the social distancing rules. 

Besides this venue, two other places on Eastgate Street (Bar Fever and The Doctors) are set to open soon. Both these venues will comply with the restrictions related to the pandemic.

Justin Hudson, who is a bar owner and also a member of City Safe and chairman of the Gloucester Licensed Victuallers Association, in an attempt to resolve the issue, called a meeting. He stated that he never predicted so many customers lining up to get into his bar.

The Covid-19 security measures couldn’t stop the long queues outside the bar when it opened last week. According to a passerby, there was no social distancing and people seemed ignorant of the severity of the situation.

Daniel Woolf

Daniel Woolf went on to share the video on social media saying: “Anyone that’s suffered physically, emotionally and financially by this utter sham of govt guidance, regulation and enforcement should be more than annoyed.”

Mr. Justin Hudson also took to social media and stated that the size of the crowd outside the bar was shocking for him as well. He also went on to say that police visited the club several times and they had no issues with the operations as all the safety measures were followed.

The official statement of Hudson mentioned:

“We are seeking ways to try to deal with the queues that appeared last weekend. Never in our wildest dreams did we think for one minute – this many of you would want to come out throughout the duration of a weekend. And wait for a solid three hours!

“We welcome the news that another two Eastgate Quarter venues are opening this week, we hope this will alleviate some of the demand.

“For the last two weeks – we have been the only venue open within the city past midnight. We have had no issues within Eastgate Quarter – and we have staffed not only the venue but the entire street to ensure you get home safely.”

Mr. Hudson also mentioned that he would be working with city partners to find a way to stop the gathering of such a large queue this weekend.