Mark Zuckerberg says that Apple and Meta are in a “very deep, philosophical competition” to develop the metaverse.

The billionaire Facebook found has said the the two tech titans are ready to go head to head in the sale of hardware for augmented and virtual reality.

Earlier this month, Meta’s CEO told staff the company was competing with Apple to determine “what direction the internet should go in.”


He said Meta would position itself as the more open, cheaper alternative to Apple, which is expected to announce its first AR headset as soon as later this year.

Zuckerberg said: “This is a competition of philosophies and ideas, where they believe that by doing everything themselves and tightly integrating that they build a better consumer experience.”

“And we believe that there is a lot to be done in specialization across different companies, and [that] will allow a much larger ecosystem to exist.”

Meta recently collaborated with Microsoft, Epic Games, and others to establish the Metaverse Open Standards Group.

The goal is to stimulate the innovation of open protocols that will allow users to effortlessly navigate future immersive, 3D worlds with their virtual products.

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Apple is not represented in the group, which Zuckerberg regarded as unsurprising in his remarks to employees.

He described how Apple’s strategy of tightly controlling hardware and software worked well with the iPhone, but that for the metaverse, “it’s not really clear upfront whether an open or closed ecosystem is going to be better.”

Apple has been unusually quiet about its secret hardware projects.

Apple is presently costing Meta billions in lost ad revenue on iOS due to its prompt that asks customers if they want a third-party app to track them for showing advertisements.

Source: The Verge

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