Sunday 8th November 2009 -Saturday 28th November 2009
Fosse Gallery Fine Art, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire GL54 1AF.
This is Lydia’s second solo exhibition at the Fosse Gallery and it is a pleasure to welcome her back for this exhibition of bold oils and luminous watercolours all bound up by her spontaneous expression and common themes – memories, nature, dreams and aspirations, spirituality and the love of a mother for her child.
There are influences of Klimt with touches of gold so that pictures simmer in the light, while echoes of Picasso are sensed in serene wide-eyed figures.

Harvest Festival: Lydia CorbettHarvest Festival: Lydia CorbettAs Lydia said ” I thank them all, for knowing them and for their gifts, which are coming out as a river in the autumn of my life”

Lydia Corbett was born to the arts. Her French father and English mother met in Paris while they were both art students. Her father went on to become a very established Parisian art dealer, and her mother continued with art winning many competitions. They were both a great influence on the young Lydia Corbett, or Sylvette David as she was then known.

In 1954 when she was 19 years old living in Vallauris in the south of France, she met Picasso by a chance encounter. Picasso was mesmerised by her beauty and innocence and Lydia became on of his famed muses.

“The Girl with a Ponytail” became the inspiration for over forty paintings and drawings as well as many ceramic and metal sculptures. “The Heads of Sylvette” series of folded metal sculptures is particularly significant.
When the Tate Gallery staged a major exhibition of Picasso’s work in 1993, the BBC made a documentary film on Picasso and Lydia Corbett to coincide with the exhibition. 

Lydia decided to move to England in 1968 and to give all her creative energy to painting. She has been exhibiting ever since and has shown in galleries all over the world.

Corbett’s work is multifaceted; she is an accomplished potter as well as an artist.
Indeed Lydia has had many extraordinary encounters and influences in her life and is a remarkable person as well as an artist of great distinction.

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