Bath-based Robert Craven is used to the world of publishing; he has five best-selling business books to his name! Now he is reaching out into the online world, not once, but twice in one month.

Customer Is King was first published in 2002. A new, updated version has just been released on Kindle. Sir Richard Branson says of the book, “Robert Craven says that ‘your whole business hinges on what your customer gets from you’. I wholeheartedly agree.” Fine words, indeed. The Kindle version is now available at

At the same time, Craven has taken another of his books, Bright Marketing, and created an online learning platform. The Bright Marketing Academy shows business owners and managers how to grow their sales and profits. The course combines videos, worksheets, audio seminars and chapters from his best-selling book. It also includes footage of his Bright Marketing seminars that have been delivered to over 15,000 business owners

Robert Craven says, “The reason I do what I do is to help people to grow their businesses. The online offering allows me to be seen, 24/7, in every continent. Going online has opened up entirely new markets for us. The new programmes have already been downloaded in India and Africa as well as in the UK.”

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Customer Is King


Bright Marketing Academy
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