The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever.

It has placed huge pressures on the healthcare sectors and massively elevated the needs for medical professionals, of which there is a considerable shortage.

It has also highlighted the possibilities of remote working, leading to employers learning they don’t always need staff in the office to be productive.


Professional networking site LinkedIn has looked at exclusive data insights to present a clear picture of the sectors in the US that grew fastest in 2021.

Its report aims to show jobseekers and employers the skills needed to do the fastest-growing jobs, and how to hire the best people.

We take a closer look at the report’s findings.


LinkedIn says there are currently 230,000 open jobs in top medical professional roles across the US.

As the pandemic continues, there is still a strong demand for frontline healthcare workers.

Many of the roles can be trained remotely and do not need a four-year degree.

The top job titles needed are: Medical screener, respiratory therapist, health coach, home health Aid, paramedic, pharmacy technician, healthcare consultant, and patient care assistant/technician.

The top skills needed are people who are trained in: Patient safety, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The demand is particularly strong in: New York City metropolitan area, San Francisco Bay Area, and Atlanta metropolitan area.

The pandemic has been extremely difficult for a lot of people.

Whether it’s losing loved ones, loneliness, or the stress brought on by losing jobs, it has been a very tough time for workers.

Linkedin’s research shows a 23.7 percent year on year growth in the number of mental health professionals and mental health professionals and professional and personal coaches.

Top titles are: Mental health counselor, mental health specialist, and behavioral health technicians.

The Top regions are: Greater Boston, Los Angeles metropolitan area, and Greater Phoenix area.

Digital Transformation

It is thought 150 million technology-related roles will be added worldwide over the next five years.

The pandemic has seen a massive increase in the way people communicate and consume information from their screens.

One area to see a significant increase in demand is artificial intelligence.

The most in-demand titles include: Machine learning researchers, machine learning engineers, and artificial intelligence specialists.

The US areas where the sector needs staff include: San Francisco Bay Area, Denver metropolitan area, Austin, Texas metropolitan area.

Social media is another massive area of digital growth, with demand increasing for a range of marketing and SEO roles.

The top areas for roles are: The San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Boston, and Greater Seattle area.

There is also increased demand for data science specialists and digital content creators.

Remote Work

LinkedIn says the rise of remote work has created a ” democratization of opportunity”, which means companies in “primary cities” can hire “talent from underrepresented groups.”

In November 2020, there was a 15 percent increase in job applications on LinkedIn for remote jobs.

These include home tutors, loan and mortgage experts, and e-commerce roles.

Professional and personal coaches have also seen a massive increase in demand, especially in New York, Salt Lake City, and Tampa Bay.

To gather the data, LinkedIn’s data scientists looked at more than 15,000 job titles to uncover the roles that have grown the most compared to 2019.

Those titles were then grouped into overarching career trends that capture as many as 25 job titles within each category. Each trend summary calls out the three largest job titles within that trend.

Career trends are ranked using a combination of year-over-year growth rate combined with the raw size of the job demand.

LinkedIn’s full research can be found here.

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