Lidl was the cheapest supermarket for UK customers in May.

Last month, a basket of 18 goods at the discount retailer cost £23.55, closely followed by Aldi’s total of £24.60.

Shop prices increased in May at the quickest rate in more than ten years, according to research from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and NielsenIQ.

May saw the biggest increase in food costs since April 2012, with the BRC’s index of food prices up 4.3 percent year over year vs a 3.5 percent increase in April.


Which? Research carried out a monthly comparison of two baskets to see which supermarkets are providing the best discounts for customers.

The first basket is distributed at all supermarkets and contains 18 products. It examines goods including tea bags, white bread, and seedless grapes.

Due to shifts in product availability, Which? said that it did not compare the same products every month. From this basket, Lidl and Aldi were found to be inexpensive. They were trailed by Asda with a total basket cost of £26.28 and Morrisons at £27.06.

Sainsbury’s had a little higher basket total than Tesco and Ocado ($28.26) and somewhat more than Sainsbury’s ($27.32). Waitrose, with a basket cost of £31.85, took first place.

Which? also assembled a second basket with 59 things in it. This excludes Lidl and Aldi since it contains certain branded goods that are not sold at those stores.

There were more branded products in this cart, such as Cathedral City cheese and Andrex toilet paper. With a total basket cost of £129.53, Asda was judged to be the least expensive store, in this case, followed by Sainsbury’s at £133.47. Morrisons was the next store, with a final bill of £134.09.

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Ocado and Tesco were next with a basket total of £139.29 and £139.75, correspondingly before finishing with Waitrose, again, at £142.61.

Source: iNews

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