Former Snap employees affected by the recent layoffs describe ‘overwhelming’ recruiter outreach from tech giants like Facebook, Netflix, and TikTok.

The California-based social media platform slashed about 20 percent of its staff earlier this month, who now find themselves in high demand.

Several laid-off employees told Insider that recruiters flooded their inboxes and LinkedIn posts soon after the layoffs.

Those include top tech companies like Google, TikTok, Amazon, Meta, and Netflix.


One former Snap employee said: “When this first happened, I started a doc to keep track of all of them just so I could make sure that I was responding to people and keeping these opportunities top of mind.

“It’s gotten to be so overwhelming, I haven’t been able to update that anymore.”

They said that over 30 recruiting firms had approached and that they’d received more than 100 new LinkedIn connection requests.

Moreover, they received about 75 invitations to attend interviews with recruiters from firms such as Netflix and Meta.

Another former employee stated that prior to the layoffs, they had a steady stream of recruiters approaching them.

It might be one or two every day from TikTok, Amazon, Meta, and Google.

They said that after losing their job, the outreach has grown enormously.

They’d heard from startups to major financial organizations known for hiring top digital personnel, such as Citadel, Two Sigma, and Jane Street Capital.

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They said: “I had over 70 companies reach out in the first week, and it’s definitely trailed off a little bit since the first week, but not that much honestly.

“I mean, we could go through the LinkedIn messages here, and it’s still pretty ridiculous. I still have God knows how many invitations that I haven’t processed.”

Other firms, such as Unity, Dropbox, and CrowdStrike, have swamped the comment sections of former Snap workers who announced their layoffs on LinkedIn.

Snap sits at the crossroads of the technology and creator-economy industries.

Both sectors witnessed golden periods in recent years, but have been severely shaken by the current economic downturn.

At least 20 creator-economy firms have lately cut employees, with tech titans such as Google and Facebook implementing hiring freezes or job cuts.

Another laid-off Snap employee claimed that the famously generous tech perks drew them into the field.

But, despite the massive interest from prospective employers and backing from former and current Snap employees, they were simply not worth the uncertainty for the time being.

The person said: “I’m not looking to jump right back into tech at all. That’s an absolute no. It’s just too volatile of an environment right now.”

“I don’t want to do that again — like, have a whole other change, potentially go to another job where I’m there for a couple months until my position’s eliminated.”

Source: Insider

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