What jobs are in Hackney?

The London Borough of Hackney has become one of the most gentrified areas in London. Due to the regeneration, there are endless opportunities no matter the career. Those in the food industry can find the perfect job in the area due to the endless restaurants. From Michelin-star restaurants to independent small cafes, Shoreditch and Hackney have become popular foodie areas. Chefs, bartenders and entrepreneurs would fit in perfectly in these places. 

Shoreditch is known for its many musical venues, including Village Underground and Ace Hotel. The venues always have room for brand new artists which means musicians, DJs, and producers can secure freelance gigs in pubs and clubs. High-end luxury head offices and pop-ups can be found dotted around the borough, along with many magazine companies. Journalists, graphic designers and photographers would be in the perfect place for their careers.

It’s hard to miss what Shoreditch was once best known for, Brick Lane, the weaving streets produce endless Indian-Bangladeshi restaurants. Dotted between the restaurants are many vintage shops and record stores where retail assistants and music lovers can find careers. 

What is it like living in Hackney?

The borough of Hackney is at the forefront of London’s current controversial wave of gentrification, with long-term residents rapidly becoming priced out of the borough to make way for new property developments to take advantage of the borough’s creative reputation. It has become popular with renters but has become one of the most expensive postcodes. The average rental price for a home in Hackney is around £2,700 per month. On the other hand, the endless food, drinks, activities, and shopping makes up for the controversy. 

Kris Paterson is a writer for whatjobs