What jobs are in Bexley?

The London borough of Bexley has an abundance of non-league football clubs, making room for coaches and aspiring footballers. However, one of the biggest employers in the borough is in the education industry. With over 60 primary schools and many other secondary schools and colleges, teachers, caretakers and administrative staff can find many opportunities.

Once voted the best place to live in London, it is no surprise that the high street contains many delis and boutiques which create an intimate village vibe. The long list of restaurants and bars mean bartenders, waiting staff and chefs are in high demand in the area. With so many open spaces and parks, conservationists, rangers and security jobs are available to apply for. There is no shortage of opportunities in the Borough of Barnet. Due to its proximity to central London, skilled and unskilled labourers can find a multitude of jobs.

What is it like living in Bexley?

Only 14 miles southeast of central London, this borough is a combination of quiet living and city living. It sits on the border with Kent and is one of the greenest boroughs in the English capital, with over 100 parks for families to visit. Nightlife is rather low-key, but the independent pubs and sense of community make up for it. The average property price is less than £350,000 and significantly cheaper than the rest of London.

Kris Paterson is a writer for whatjobs