What jobs are there in Merseyside?
Merseyside is comprised of Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton, Wirral and Knowsley. Liverpool is the biggest city in the county and is the main employer in most industries. Liverpool’s growing economy is dominated by the service sector industries, both public and private. With three universities and several educational institutions, there are many opportunities for lecturers, teachers and teaching assistants in the city’s ‘Knowledge Quarter’. The city’s rich architectural base helped the city become the second most filmed city in the UK, meaning there are many opportunities in media. Media jobs involve film technicians, film producers, actors and sound crews. Tourism plays a large part in the local economy. Over 64 million people visit the city each year because of The Beatles, Liverpool Football Club, Everton Football Club, and other popular sights. Hotel managers, tour guides and executive chefs help make tourism in Liverpool top tier.

With many regeneration initiatives happening in St. Helens to create retail and business parks, those working in construction, engineering and architecture can find job opportunities. Once complete, start-ups and businesses will find St. Helens a good place to work out. Another large employer, like many towns, is with the NHS. Hospitals and clinics are employing nurses, GP’s and specialist doctors.

What is it like living in Merseyside?
Merseyside is home to more than 1.5 million people, with most people living in the chaos of Liverpool. There are endless beautiful docks and bustling nightlife. Liverpool has been voted one of the best cities in the UK for the work-life balance, whilst St. Helens and Sefton are known for their town-feel. A good-sized apartment in Liverpool can be rented for around £700 per month, whilst St Helens’ house will cost £137,000.

Kris Paterson is a writer for whatjobs