What jobs are there in Cheshire?
Bordering Greater Manchester and Merseyside, Cheshire has many job opportunities. Warrington, a large town within Cheshire, has many openings for labourers across every sector, skilled or unskilled. Unilever has a large factory where detergents are made. Testers, managers and operators can find the perfect career within the factory. However, one of the major employers in Warrington is unsurprisingly Warrington Council along with the NHS. Cheshire hires many specialist doctors, GP’s, trainee nurses and administrative staff. Additionally, those who want to work in the council can find jobs as registration officers, social workers or even resourcing advisors. 

Cheshire has a diverse economy with significant sectors including agriculture, automotive, biotechnology, chemical, financial services and tourism. The county is most famous for the production of Cheshire cheese, salt and silk. Machine operators, testers and scientists can find many opportunities here. Agriculture is generally based on the dairy trade, with cattle being the predominant livestock. The retail and wholesale industry is also a major employer, thanks to the popular outlet Cheshire Oaks. 

What is it like living in Cheshire?
Founded by the Romans, Cheshire has many rivers running through it and is the perfect place for countryside living. It has a grand roman architecture to it, complete with cobbled streets. It provides many varied job opportunities as well as a wide range of leisure activities for everyone. Both Manchester and Liverpool are approximately 35-40 minutes away by rail. A semi-detached house is usually around £209,000, which is a lot lower than the national average.

Kris Paterson is a writer for Whatjobs