2020 has seen the world enter lookdown due to a pandemic which has created chaos right across the globe. Companies have suffered due to not being able to trade as normal and job losses are rife with many small businesses simply not surviving despite aid from governments. Finding yourself out of work is massively stressful and with no immediate resolution to the COVID-19 crisis, the true impact on the employment sector is yet to be fully calculated. To be fair there are job opportunities in the USA arising in industries that have become critical to keeping countries on their feet, for example, remote working opportunities using the Internet and companies who can sell and deliver vital supplies are increasing. But for many, this is a fairly financially stressful time and the uncertainty can bring anxiety about career prospects in the future. 

The bulk of job searching has moved online rather than in our local towns and there is a wealth of job search websites all offering to help you find opportunities. There are so many it can be difficult to know where to start which is why we have compiled a list of the top ten job search websites for 2021 in a post-pandemic world. It has been a difficult time for all industries, but some companies always try and go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are looked after even when this means thinking outside of the box. The job scene has changed somewhat since the beginning of the year and we believe those higher up the list have tried harder during this unprecedented global pandemic to ensure that job seekers can still find the vacancies.

Here is top 10 best job sites in the USA for 2021:

 1) Indeed.com

 2) Linkedin.com

 3) Snagajob.com

 4) Dice.com

 5) Theladders.com

 6) WhatJobs.com 

 7) Linkup.com

 8) Careerbliss.com

 9) Glassdoor.com

 10) USAJobs.gov

How Job Search Websites Work

If you are looking for work the most important question is: How do I find jobs near me? Job search websites were designed to collate together the latest opportunities in an easy to search database. Overtime, competition in this sector has increased and now many have diversified and offer extra services such as retraining and CV writing in order to help you find work. Some of the best job search websites provide the opportunity for job seekers to search through potential vacancies free of charge. The free service continues in some cases with clients able to proceed to an application without costs involved. Others charge some kind of subscription fee and may or may not allow you to browse jobs for free before having to part with some money. Many use the Commission charges from employers as a means to fund their site and these are generally considered some of the best for job seekers. You will find some duplication of jobs on different sites, but it is worth joining more than one site to ensure you find as many vacancies as possible in your local area. 

In sum, we would like to wish you Good Luck looking for the right position for you in the coming year 2021.