In 1996 there was no Indeed, no and shock horror, no Linkedin! But there was one job search website born that year in the USA that was hot on the heels of Monster, Careerbuilder, and Craiglist. That site was USAJobs.Gov, a project created in Washington D.C, by The U.S.Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Before 1996 the entire job search process was paper-based (yes, under 30s readers, you read it right), and candidates looking for a government job role were required to visit a federal building to view the latest available vacancies in their location or beyond.

The OPM was the first global government organization to realize the enormous cost-saving of showing vacancies online and immediately commissioned a web-based system. The original site was rudimentary by today’s standards. Still, it was capable of allowing job seekers to fill out online job applications without the need for them to visit their local employment bureaus. This was game-changing for the employment market in the USA. USA Jobs Gov continued improving the website and enhancing the job search experience as the years went by. Among many innovations, allowed users to identify jobs within specific local government agencies and offered tools and advice to support regional states and their recruitment efforts.

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Roll forward to 2022, and USAJobs.Gov caters to many job types. From being open to the public for just about any role they have, it also specializes in jobs for veterans, military spouses, those with disabilities, Native Americans, and even the Peace Corps! According to recent statistics, the site claims to receive 900+ new job postings per day, has 6 million registered resumes, and receives almost 250 million job searches per year.

USAJOBS is the Federal Government’s official employment site and produces some excellent job market insights via its news blog. A recent article suggested that the U.S. Federal Government relies on more than two million Americans and foreign nationals to work in the civil service industry.

The strapline of USAJOBS is “ We help the right people find the right jobs. You can find a way to serve at USAJOBS “. With a workforce of 2 million, that certainly seems to be the case!

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