What jobs can I get that are Part-time?

The availability of part-time work has increased over the last few years, but why is that? Part-time jobs consist of fewer hours than full-time positions and are a good way to maintain a healthy work/life balance whilst still earning a living. It requires employees to work less than 30 hours a week, usually across two to three days.

Part-time job Requirements
Although it may seem easier, the requirements for part-time jobs are still the same as full-time jobs, regardless of the sector being entered. Being part-time does not mean having fewer skills than full-time workers. The level of qualifications needed, or if any are, depending on the sector being entered. Part-time jobs are considered more common and popular than flexible working, and in many industries, they are more part-time jobs than full time!

Part-time Job Market Trends
In 2020, 3.4 million people worked part-time in the retail industry, the United Kingdom’s largest private sector. This is a huge amount compared to 7 million people currently working part-time around the country. Earnings in the retail industry range between £14,500 and £21,500, depending on the position held. Higher education qualifications are not a necessity when working at certain positions in retail, but experience and skills help enormously.

Working in recruitment, IT, and education is regarded as the highest-paying part-time job sectors and is also the most common. Even though the tourism and hospitality industries are just as common, the average annual salary is lower at £17,000.

Being a part-time lecturer is the most common high-paying part-time job, with average earnings over £36,000 per year. Whereas being a barista or bartender would earn part-time workers around £13,500.

More and more people choose to do part-time roles to start their own businesses or spend time with friends and families. A full-time job is not for everyone, so doing fewer hours at work can be the perfect solution to focus on other new opportunities.

Kris Paterson writes job search tips by WHATJOBS.com. Kris will continue to update you with new advice and information each week.

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