WhatJobs.com, the London-based global job search engine, has today announced that they have completed a successful pilot scheme with online cyber security giant IP Quality Score to eliminate job click fraud across their global network.

The website hosts millions of online recruitment ads from a multitude of sources, including many leading employers and job boards.

How WhatJobs combats click fraud

Combating click fraud is the job of Alex McDowell who is the Global Partnerships Director.

He said: “Over the last few months, many of our clients were reporting to me that our competitors were not performing well and that it was their belief that this was down to an influx of robotic traffic.

“Although WhatJobs was not receiving any negative feedback about the quality of our traffic, I decided to prevent this from happening instead of looking for a cure later down the line.

“After careful consideration, I awarded IP Quality Score the contract to manage our cyber security and the results were immediate.

“Within weeks we started to hear from our clients that our traffic had improved with several large job boards telling us that we were their best-performing traffic provider. “

What does a Bot user look like?

A bot user replicates normal human behavior and can be almost impossible to detect without the correct level of expertise.

Bots are also becoming more sophisticated every year, with new software available to cybercriminals that makes it harder to detect them, such as using residential proxies with virtual devices, spoofing, and emulators.

While most services cannot detect compromised devices or location spoofing, WhatJobs and IPQS have integrated leading technology to mitigate bots and sophisticated abuse.

Is job click fraud a new phenomenon?

Bot traffic has been around since the maturity of the internet with giants such as Google, Yahoo, and Amazon dedicating millions of dollars a year to combating them. IPQS identifies and detects all types of fraudulent traffic and lets WhatJobs know about these users before they can affect their client’s traffic numbers.

WhatJobs uses the most advanced click fraud technology on the market

Bot protection solution for the job search industry

IPQS uses an agile approach for real-time bot mitigation with various overlapping checks that can stop bot attacks and unwanted traffic on websites and forms. Identify suspicious users and fraudulent behavior:

Device Fingerprinting – Analyze over 300 data points about a user’s device to identify hijacked or fake virtual devices (emulators) by matching against millions of fraudulent device IDs.
IP Reputation – Compare the IP address against the internet’s leading provider in IP Intelligence data. Identify suspicious and bot IP addresses with a history of abuse.
Machine Learning – Connect the dots between millions of devices per day scored by IPQS. Our algorithms quickly identify new trends from bot traffic.
Behavioral Analysis – Identify suspicious behavior in real-time that would indicate non-human actions, headless browsers, and similar bot behavior.

The Results? Happy customers and money saved

The WhatJobs bot protection team now collects thousands of data events using machine learning to detect and identify old and new bot traffic and click fraud patterns.

Each time a fake user is identified, IPQS tags them and passes this information into a known offender database while blocking their access to the website in question.

Alex McDowell said: “This system has created confidence at WhatJobs.

“We now are in a unique position amongst our peers that we can provide the very best quality of traffic to our client base and the facts to back this up thanks to IP Quality Score. Illegitimate traffic does not have a home at WhatJobs.com.”

If you are currently paying for online recruitment advertising on a cost-per-click model then why not let WhatJobs handle this for you? You will be working with a business that takes every step to ensure you receive the very best job seeker traffic on the web.

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You can also find out how we are one step ahead by visiting our partners www.ipqualityscore.com/solutions/bot-protection-mitigation.