Almost all true wireless jobs earbuds fail miserably when it comes to blending in. This is primarily due to the predominance of black and white color options, with a few brightly colored variants thrown in for good measure. Even though the buds are small, their color makes them stand out.

JLab is on a mission to change this, and the audio company has collaborated with nail care brand ORLY to develop a solution. The Go Air Tones are a collection of seven Pantone colors that are “flattering for people across a spectrum of skin tones,” according to the designers.

JLab claims to have collaborated with ORLY to select the final hues from a collection of over 60 options. The seven colors “encompassed a variety of skin tones with a mix of warm, neutral, and cool undertones,” based on the beauty jobs brand’s experience with creating nude nail polishes.

According to JLab, while the colors reflect actual skin tones, most users will find them “flattering” even if they are not an exact match. If you’re having trouble deciding on the best option, JLab has an AR fitting room where you can try on clothes virtually.

The Go Air Tones are the same earbuds as JLab’s $20 Go Air Pop, which debuted in August. This includes onboard touch controls, the ability to use either bud independently, a collection of EQ presets, and IPX4 moisture protection.

There’s also a charging case with a built-in USB cable. JLab claims that the earbuds will last up to eight hours with three additional charges from the included case. The only difference between the Pop and the Tones is the color options available for each.

The Go Air Tones are currently available for pre-order for $20. They’re supposed to start shipping in mid-January.

Source: Engadget

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